The Network of Climate Disinformation

2022 | Series of Articles | Deník Alarm | online | WWW

Detailed analysis of the strategic campaign in confusion and propaganda by the fossil fuel industry. A series of articles cover the main sources of fossil funded anti-scientific climate denial. The series traces the evolution of climate science back to the 19th century and its dynamic relationship with the industry. The fossil industry, originally an active contributor to the cutting edge research and a participant in the public debate progressively got in a troublesome relationship with climate science in the 70’s. Since the beginning of the 1990s it started a full scale propaganda warfare against climate science as well as politics. During this journey it was conjoined by the fossil exporting empires such as the Russian federation. As a result it managed to confuse the public, manipulate the politics, delay climate action and catapulted us all to the climate crisis.

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