Unstable Ground

2020 | Exhibition | with Anymade | for Czech Academy of Sciences | Vi Per Gallery | Prague | WWW

“Landscapes don’t take potshots at you,” said Erich M. Remarque. And he wasn’t quite right. Often unstable ground has the power to intervene in diverse forms of human, but also non-human life, and to intersect, redirect, or allow new paths. Landslides give visibility to the liveliness, historicity and permanent mobility of the Earth’s surface and what happens beneath the surface, which often remains invisible to the human eye—whether. Due to their common appearance, persistence and often fatality with which they enter the human world, slope movements have been and are being understood according to contemporary and
local religious, economic, environmental or political contexts, and are perceived and interpreted accordingly; such as challenges, given things, messages, problems, risks, punishments, trials, parts of stories, etc.
The exhibition Unstable Ground provides an insight into the four contours of the social and natural life
of the landslide, which form the individual parts of the exhibition.


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